Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PCB Design

So I've been on a roll since I've setup new workspace/benches (thanks again Adam / Todd!). I decided to go through my old parts / unfinished projects to tie up some loose ends. Setup a few devboards for a PIC / attiny / propeller. Had nothing in mind, but after some playing around, I had an idea for a project. Contacted Jeremiah Johnson ( to collaborate. The function will remain a secret until but I can say that it's my favorite project to date, and I'm super proud about how it came out. Got intimate with some (frequency/amplitude/phase) modulation, learned a bunch about surface mount design and SD card interfaces too.

Designed the PCB in Altium, had a few ups and downs. The 3D renders are pretty neat and overall the experience was pleasant. Any hangups were probably due to a misunderstanding how libraries / custom parts are handled.

Ordered 20 boards, they arrived in about 10 days. Doh, botched silkscreen on the front. I think I may have overloaded their silk machine, I'd imagine those halftone dots could cause a problem since each counts as an individual shape. Luckily none of the text was affected and the back is absolutely perfect. They look amazing otherwise, excellent quality.

Fixed it up with my vinyl cutter anyway, it's temporary until rev 2, but that's okay! Looks great.

Works better than expected, can't wait to show it off!