Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I took a break from FaMI to try out something new.

I've coded up 2 different NSF playing roms (modified versions of the amazing vegaplay - thanks to NO CARRIER) - one is a master that sends a "sync" signal and one is a slave that does nothing but wait for the rising edge of that signal. Based on the way I'm running the sync it's impossible for them to fall out of time. Right now I'm using an Arduino as a clock source (which is overkill, you can use something like a 555 timer) in place of a "master" NES but you get the picture. I don't have 2 powerpaks to test out the real deal right now, but would anyone be interested in this type of thing?

Possible uses:
- 2 NSF / 10 channel songs?
- If you use 2 slaves running from a single clock source you can play the same NSF to switch over during a live performance in case one fails