Friday, December 25, 2009

NES Arduino - Diagnostic Cart Video

I've learned a lot making these boards. A few things to note:

- Measure twice, cut once. I inadvertently connected a trace that didn't belong in the first board. I had to cut it with an exacto and reroute it with a small wire.
- Thoroughly clean the board before trying to transfer the toner, and make sure you grab it by the sides! The cleanest hands will still put a nice smudge on the board. I had to tin some tracks on the second board (which is why it looks so sloppy from the bottom)
- It's difficult to solder to a pad that has been drilled incorrectly, even when using proper technique. Soldering on a SparkFun board pad seems to magically take on a shiny teardrop shape, this board does not!
- You CAN cut 0.30 PCB with a pair of scissors, but you'll dull them out after a handful of boards

At any rate, if you have a project in mind and you're putting it off because the details are daunting, please just try it. You'll learn so much in the process.