Monday, April 27, 2009

Drum trigger relay

Well Zack had an extra piezo transducer and I always wanted to try triggering lights with a drumset. I rigged up an electromechanical relay to a simple one shot circuit with a 555 timer. There are two potentiometers to control sensitivity and pulse length. I originally rigged the relay up to a flashlight and used the battery power, but I really wanted to drive some higher power devices. So I grabbed a power strip and got to work. To improve switching speed, I used a solid state relay but it can only take 3A of current. I need to be really cautious about what I plug into this thing, the rope lights draw about 0.6A, so I should be able to run at least 4 of them comfortably. I recorded a quick test video, hitting the surrounding area doesn't trigger the piezo which is great, and you can visibly see a change in the pulse length when I adjust the pots. I didn't set anything on fire or trip a breaker, so that's even better.

The Touch Yourselves are playing Spring Fling so I'm trying to get it rigged in time for Saturday. I mean it works but I think I'd feel pretty bad if I killed Devin via electrocution.