Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cyborg Scrambler - Painting

I spraypainted the whole thing black and block sanded the paint off of top the etch. We've sanded it down so many times that the grooves aren't as deep, but I'm still really happy with the way it came out.
Green acrylic paint along the sides, some red sharpie behind the lettering and green sharpie added randomly across the entire thing.
I knew that the clearcoat would lift the marker color again when I sprayed the back of the Neck Ringer (acetone). Although it would ruin an image where I was trying to keep sharp defined edges I thought I would try to use the effect to my advantage. It ended up leaving a "glowy" look across the text and some parts of the original image.

You can see this in the pictures above, the one on the left has the red/blue marker on the text and a bit of green throughout although it is barely visible, while the picture on the right is the same pedal after applying the clearcoat. You can see how the ink was "drawn out" around the text.

I know it the side paint won't hold up forever, but the etch should be fine. I'm glad that the scratches and dents add to the look.


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