Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cyborg Scrambler / Jawari Assembly

So I etched that scrambler board over a month ago and I just got around to assembling it today. I taught a friend how to do the PCB transfer last week, so I had that board laying around (Jawari). The Jawari is another octave shifter that sounds something like an electric sitar, it's way cool.

The drilling looks a bit sloppy but I had to do them using a Dremel by hand with a 1/32" bit. It ended up being just fine with a bit of extra solder. Eventually I'd like to buy a column drill/press! A word of advice, if the through holes (donuts?) end up being filled when the toner transfers, make an effort to remove them. It made the drilling a lot more difficult since the bit tends to "skate" across the copper.

It took a while, but here is the Cyborg Scrambler fully assembled. I made sure to used stranded wire this time (for flexibility / reduced interference). I actually don't have two guitar cords at the moment, but I verified the voltages at several points. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to test it.

I just did a quick test to see how I should fit everything in the enclosure. I had to cut the board again to make it fit so I attached the Dremel cutting wheel. Please avoid inhaling the fiber glass dust, it's bad stuff. The new Dremel tool is the best investment I've made since I've started these projects. I had an old one that worked well for a long time, but it couldn't take many accessories/collets.

I can't wait to hear this thing.