Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Neck Ringer - Enclosure

So we wired up the thing last night and it sounds great. It seems to switch it's behavior depending on what you're playing, it's ugly, and it's awesome. Since it is also a ring mod we've decided to call it the "Neck Ringer".

I ran an front image through a couple of photoshop filters and traced it a bit. I used the same process for the chassis art that I used for the PCB, Avery label backs run through a laser printer and ironed directly onto the enclosure. It seems a lot harder to get the toner to transfer to the aluminum casing and took more than a few tries.

I sprayed a few layers of clearcoat over it to try to stop the image from scratching off. I think the acetone in the lacquer caused the smearing but only in the places where I touched it up with a sharpie. I think it would have been fine with just the toner.

Mounted the PCB/phono jacks into the case after Zack lovingly drilled the hell out of it, feels pretty solid and works perfectly. All that's left is to secure the PCB to the enclosure and add an LED / active bypass.


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